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  • ccna student

    I am using the standard lab in study guide 640-802. it has two 2950 cisco sitches with two host each. thes switches are conneted with f0/3 on each switch. host a& b are on the first switch and host c& d are on the other. address are and three on a&B and 192.168.04 and 5 on c&D. I can ping from host d to host a but i can not ping to the oruter at or i am new to this and I am probably doing something or more likely NOT doing someithing right. clock rate 64000 and bandwidth 64 was don on the router. I guess that is it. thanks

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    Re: ccna student

    If your hosts are on the 192.168.?.? subnet and your router is on the 172 subnet then you need a layer 3 device/interface in order to route between the subnets. I cant see what your configs look like but If you post them I can take a look.
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