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How to choose a router on ISP side vs OPEN DNS ?

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  • How to choose a router on ISP side vs OPEN DNS ?


    This question could be stange. But our ISP complaint about our router is acting as OPEN DNS.
    We have install our own router because this ISP doesn't provide a router to handle static IPs.!

    We have a Cisco RV042 router configured as gateway (no Firewall or NAT).
    Our ISP complaint about OPEN DNS RESOLVER from our router on IPWAN1.
    We did review all configuration and are unable to block DNS Relay when in Router mode.
    It acts to handle statics IP only.


    Internet ----- ISP Modem ----- (IPWAN1) RV042 (LAN IP1) ------- (LAN IP2)------ WatchGuard

    Do you have any recommandation for this setup to have it fix including configuration or another product.




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    Re: How to choose a router on ISP side vs OPEN DNS ?

    Are your hosts dns configurations pointing to your router for dns (DNS Relay) and then your router has public or IPS's name servers in its dns configuration?. Not sure why they would complain about that. Easy way to fix this is to tell your hosts to query whatever external DNS servers you use directly instead of using the router as a relay. Your post isn't really clear on what is going on. Are they saying that public hosts are querying your router for DNS?
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      Re: How to choose a router on ISP side vs OPEN DNS ?

      We do not relay on the router. We have our own DNS inside with forwarders to external ISP DNS.
      Website is outside (share hosting).

      They complaint because this RV042 answers on DNS query (Open DNS).
      Ex. From your home or office you may query DNS on the RV042 and they don't like it.

      We have installed this RV042 to handle static IP only (13 Static IP from the ISP)

      Ex. ISP ---- Modem ---- IP 24.x.x.x WAN_ROUTER (RV042)_LAN IP 24.y.y.1 ------- IP 24.y.y.2 WAN_Watchguard Firewall_LAN IP 172.z.z.z

      So the 24.x.x.x answers DNS query, it's the problem.

      Is it possible to fix this RV042 or replace it by something else?
      It's the first ISP who doesn't supply the "public side router" I know. All other does but this one doesn't provide (buy, lease, loan, etc). They also doesn't want to guide us on a piece of equipment who will fit they requirements.



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        Re: How to choose a router on ISP side vs OPEN DNS ?

        From looking at this device I dont think there is a way to turn it off. It seems it will answer dns queries on the lan interface by default, as this is a home based router and they would assume you didnt run dns internally. You can try and change your configuration a bit. (Not have the router assigned a public ip on the LAN interface) You may have to upgrade to a device that gives you more control etc. The 800 series is Cisco's SOHO models.
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