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  • Wireless Help & Advice Needed

    I need to push a good wireless signal around my building on both floors.

    The idea is for me to the first access point acting as the main access point which is plugged into the LAN via Ethernet cable & the other 2 as repeaters.

    I have x3 Cisco WAP4410N-G5 Wireless Access Points.

    I have configured the main access point (AP01) & this is working fine,
    I then configured the second access point (AP02) with the same SSID & PW but on a different wireless channel. I managed to get this connected & talking to AP01

    My questions are this:

    01. Do I configure both Access points to connect to AP01
    Do I daisy chain them together so AP03 connects to AP02 & AP02 connects to AP01?

    02. Should I have each Access point on a different wireless channel / frequency, I read somewhere is stops the signal clashing.

    03. Is there a better way of doing this and not using the repeater function, I also have the following modes available on the access points:

    Wireless WDS Repeater
    Wireless WDS Bridge
    Wireless Client/Repeater
    Wireless Monitor

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    Re: Wireless Help & Advice Needed

    If possible its always better to have all the AP's connected to your LAN instead of using the repeater function. Since the repeat has no direct connection to the LAN throughput will be slow. (Thoughput is cut in half for every repeater in the chain)

    Here is a good link from Cisco

    I would set them up as regular autonomous AP's with a shared ssid with all AP's connected to the LAN. This way your users can roam when they are moving about the floor. You may have to look at overlapping channels but this is by far the better solution than repeaters.
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      Re: Wireless Help & Advice Needed

      I installed the Access points earlier today as access points & ditched the repeater function. I read too much about the throughput degrading and decided it was a bad idea

      Each access point has the same SSID & network key & setup all with cat5 cables in. The signal is really good. I ran a cable up the wall from a network point in the floor box then put the access points in the ceiling behind the ceiling tiles so there are no other object obstructing the signal.

      The only change I made unique was the broadcast frequency. I set the following:

      AP01 - Chanel 1
      AP02 - Chanel 3
      AP03 - Chanel 6

      This should stop any clashed


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        Re: Wireless Help & Advice Needed

        Okay good. You may want to use channels 1, 6, 11 as they are the only channels that do not overlap with another spectrum.
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          Re: Wireless Help & Advice Needed

          The problem is I have my Internet cafe on chanel 11. I'll use 1 & 6 for the APs closest & then 3 for the one on another floor