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Cisco Layer 2 Switch Question

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  • Cisco Layer 2 Switch Question

    Hi Everyone,

    First time user here, is it possible to split a trunk on a layer 2 switch to say, have one lots of traffice (ie sip) go one way, and another (ie syslog) to go another. I need to be able to do, as I have run out of internet address's that I can use.

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    Re: Cisco Layer 2 Switch Question

    Is this trunk going to another switch? Are you using multiple links between the switches? At layer 2 you can load balance between trunks by manipulating spanning tree port priority on a per vlan basis.


    You have 2 vlans 10,20

    So you can have vlan 10 frames prefer trunk 1 and vlan 20 prefer trunk 2

    Need some more clarification on what you are trunking with.
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