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enabling trunking between cisco3560 and dlink3324SR

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  • enabling trunking between cisco3560 and dlink3324SR

    Hi all
    i have a problem. my current network setup is like this... a cisco 3560 is connected on an access port to an adjacent dlink stack DGS-3324SR Stackable Ethernet Switch . i want to enable trunking between the cisco and the dlink. what i know is that dlink doesnot support per vlan STP while dlink only run single instance of the STP.. how can i make the trunking possible
    without messing with the network.
    the idea that i have is to run MSTP instance on the 3560 so that it appears as a single STP to the dlink switch and then all good.
    is there any other way to do that. if i just make both the adjacent ports on both the switches as trunk and connect them, will it cause any problem in terms of STP issues or convergence ?
    thanks in advance.

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    Re: enabling trunking between cisco3560 and dlink3324SR

    PVST + is backward compatible with CST (Common Spanning Tree). Just setup your trunks and shouldnt be a problem. Is there a good reason to run MST? If you have just a few vlans then really its worth running it.
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