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How setup / configure a Cisco 2600 to Dsl/Fios

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  • How setup / configure a Cisco 2600 to Dsl/Fios

    I am trying to connect a Cisco 2600 router i have to home internet connection
    (Dsl) through my Linksys WRTG54 Home Wireless Router that has had DDWRT Firmware Installed on it the hardware i have is as follows

    1. Cisco 2600 Router it has a total of (4) Rj45 ports (1 x) Ethernet 0/0 (1 x) Ethernet 0/1 (1 x) Console (1 x) AUX
    (1x) WIC 1 T card

    I have added
    (1 x) Cisco 1-Ethernet 1-Token Ring Network Module, NM-1E1R
    "I was told i could not connect my Internet feed line (RJ45)from the Linksys router to the built in E0/0 or E0/1 ports "
    1 Linksys WRT G54 Home router

    My linksys router is connected By Wireless feed to ISP and i then connect all my computers to the The 4 lan ports on the back of the router with Ethernet lines
    So i want to know how to setup/configure the 2600 Cisco router to work off the Linksys router already have

    my Linksys router ip (Gateway is

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    Re: How setup / configure a Cisco 2600 to Dsl/Fios

    ok.. a WRT54G, by itself, doesn't have an adsl "modem" or anything like that.

    So you must have another box of some sort, as well as the WRT54g? (Or, you actually have ethernet-drop to your house..?)

    Either way..
    pick an interface - IE FE0/1
    Plug the cable that's currently connected into the WAN port on the WRT54G into this port
    then configure this port with the appropriate settings - I suspect it may be DHCP, but not certain.
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      Re: How setup / configure a Cisco 2600 to Dsl/Fios

      Thank you 1 more thing

      Do i need to configure Nat inside/out

      static address


      how should i configure the router ?