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WIC 1t and 2t

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  • WIC 1t and 2t

    as WIC 1t Router interface CARD usually we configure its Clock rate 64 ! Either it means the it speed is 64 kbps and wic 2t as 2 Mbps.
    i am confused about these stuff
    if we get wan connection then how we get the right speed over serial interfaces
    any1 will explain these
    thanks in addvance

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    Re: WIC 1t and 2t

    In most situations you will get the clock from the provider as they will set the speed of the link. The provider will be the DCE and you will be the DTE, but I have seen the customer set the clock on some point to point T1's. In a lab scenario most people set the clock rate to 64000 because it will be compatible with all older and newer serial interfaces. You can raise it as you see fit if both ends of the link support that rate.
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