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Creating a wireless network

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  • Creating a wireless network

    Im in the process of setting up a business wireless network. I have x3 Cisco WAP4410N routers, one will be used as the access point with the x2 in repeater mode to push the signal around the building.

    I wanted to restrict wireless connections via MAC but Im only allowed to enter 20 MAC addresses & I will need way more than this for out laptops & phones.

    There is an option for a RADIUS server as the wireless connection control. Will a radius server get around this problem? Bear in mind the MD of the company has an iphone which he will want to connect to the wireless with which will not be part of my domain. I also have other users which are part of my AD forest but not on the local domain which will need to connect every now and again.

    Will a RADIUS server allow me to do this?

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    Re: Creating a wireless network

    I know Free Radius supports mac auth and I am pretty sure windows radius will do so as well. If this is a windows domain and the AP supports it, i would go with 802.1x. authentication as mac addresses can be spoofed pretty easily.
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      Re: Creating a wireless network

      Thanks for answering that, the next question is does anyone know of a step by step guide to setting a RADIUS server up on server 2008 R2 to use Wireless?