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Cisco SG300-52 and LAGs

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  • Cisco SG300-52 and LAGs

    Hi all,

    I'd really appreciate some advice here. I'm new to managed switches so please go easy

    New Scenario (to be installed this weekend):

    3 Cisco SG300-52 switches: MASTER, GROUNDFLOOR, FIRSTFLOOR
    I've created 2 static LAG's each with 4 ports. All are linked via cat6 cables.

    LAG 1
    MASTER (ports 45-48 ) >>> GROUNDFLOOR (ports 45-48 )
    LAG 2
    MASTER (ports 49-52) >>> FIRSTFLOOR (ports 49-52)

    I've only matched the ports on each LAG for convenience. I'm guessing it doesn't really matter otherwise?

    1. Should the LAG on FIRSTFLOOR be labelled as LAG2 (as it is on MASTER) or does it not matter as there is only one LAG created on that switch?
    2. Is there any PRO or CON to using ports 49-52 for a LAG?

    That is basically the limit of my knowledge of managed switches.
    On a basic level have I created a decent enough backbone, considering we have a flat network with no VLANS, QoS etc.
    Our existing switches are unmanaged, a mix of 3com and Netgear and have 1gbit uplinks to the current MASTER.
    So this new Cisco install should be loads better?

    Thanks for any help offered.