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  • Need help with Access List

    I'm familiar with Cisco basics, but I don't have much practice and I need some help with this one.
    We already have an entry in the access list for this, but the IP is changing and, it looks like they need me ports also. These are the current rules in the access list for this:

    access-list 103 permit tcp host host eq 7572
    access-list 103 permit ip host host

    I need to make an addition the the access list, and I want to make sure I got it right.

    I need to add these IP ranges and ports to an existing access list.
    TCP 7571 inbound
    TCP 443 inbound
    TCP 7572 outbound
    TCP 7625 outbound
    TCP 7516 outbound
    TCP 7635 outbound
    TCP 7605 outbound
    TCP 9100 outbound
    TCP 7573 outbound
    TCP 7515 outbound
    TCP 7615 outbound

    Can anyone help me with the correct command to enter these into the access list?