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DSL Router config on Cisco Router

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  • DSL Router config on Cisco Router

    Hi There,

    I am trying to configure a Cisco 1841 router to replace our existing British Telecom 2Wire DSL router. we were having trouble with the 2Wire routers so our provider put an 1841 in place for diagnostic purposes. this solved the problem we were having and so bought 2 new Cisco 1841's to copy the setup of the test one, however our provider wont give us the config of their test router without paying a hefty fee.

    I have set the cisco up as best I can but I am not sure how to set the login details etc that would be on the DSL.

    I hope that all made sense.

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    Re: DSL Router config on Cisco Router

    Is it PPPoE that needs to be configured? What have you got so far?

    Have you read this?