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Cisco 3825 Ether switch question

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  • Cisco 3825 Ether switch question

    Hello All!

    I have a Cisco 3825 with a NME-16ES-1g card. This card is giving is issues as I know it is a layer 2 device and even though the Gig e 1 port lets you subinterface it doesnt support them (being layer 2 and all) so the guy before me setup our new FIOS out of this connection. There are four connections, each in their own vlan, on the switch side of the etherswitch card. We are getting a Cisco High-Speed WAN Interface card to fix the routing issue We have been having. Will I be able to set the new interface up with the exact programming thats on the GigE side of the etherswitch card and have those on the 10/100 side of it still connect ok?

    My question in a nutshell is can I trunk form one module to another?

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    Re: Cisco 3825 Ether switch question

    To clarify, The service module is like a switch on my router. I am adding another Gigabit SFP port. Will I be able to trunk the service module through the gigabit ethernet SFP port? The service Module is in the switch but I can session into it like it is a seperate switch thus lies my concern. Thanks!