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3560-X vlan config not showing?

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  • 3560-X vlan config not showing?

    So I have received several 3560-X switches recently. After configuring one of them, I noticed that when I do a sh run, I don't see any of my vlans that I've configured. I checked on a previous 3560-X that I had configured, and it does show the vlan config when I do a sh run.

    Now, if I do a sh vlan on the new switch, all of my configuration is there, and its working properly. So I know its configured correctly.

    Doing a sh ver between the old and the new, I see that the version on the old is 12.2 (53r) SE1 and the new one is 12.2 (53r) SE2.

    So does this new version just not show this part of the config anymore?

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    Re: 3560-X vlan config not showing?

    The new switch is in vtp server mode, do a "sh vtp status".
    It will only show the vlans if you do "sh vlans". If you switch it to "vtp mode transparent", it will write it to the running-config.
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      Re: 3560-X vlan config not showing?

      Ah, that was it Somehow I missed that. We have all our switches configured for trans.

      Thank you!