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Configuring Remote SPAN from another location

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  • Configuring Remote SPAN from another location


    I'm new to configuring these routers, have no prior experience with 4560's or IOS but I've managed to figure out how to configure most of the things that we require. I need to accomplish the following

    I have recording software to record our VOIP phones in 2 locations. I have Voice on a VLAN here and voice on a VLAN across the country, these VLANs are different numbers. Basically I need to create a monitor on my switch here that will monitor the packets in voice vlan across the country and the voice vlan here at the same time so that I can record calls for our entire company. I have various firewalls and routers in between everything too, so I'm not really sure how to set this up as the switches are not directly connected to each other (they are on the same network though I believe).



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    Re: Configuring Remote SPAN from another location

    could you not just change one end of the network, so both voice vlans are the same.. ?
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      Re: Configuring Remote SPAN from another location

      I'm completely new to cisco stuff, we have consultants that do most of this work but they charge a great deal and I'd prefer to learn how to configure this stuff on my own to limit our dependence. If I made the VLANS the same would that resolve the issue, I wouldn't have to configure anything else? I guess I don't understand how 2 switches across the country can have the same vlan number and talk to each other, I figured you had to set up something between the two pointing the switches at each other...but I suppose that's already set up perhaps.



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        Re: Configuring Remote SPAN from another location

        VLANs, SPAN, RSPAN all exist at layer 2. Based on my understanding of your post, your remote site is separated by layer 3 (routed) boundries. So RSPAN will not work unless the circuit between the sites is a layer 2 circuit.

        I would suggest researching the features of your VoIP system or even the phones to see if they support sending a separate unicast type stream to your voice recording server.

        Depending on your Cisco hardware, another option might be ERSPAN. Basically you are using a GRE tunnel between the sites and then configure SPAN sessions across the tunnel endpoints.

        Good luck!