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Have Cisco 1811, multiple users ?

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  • Have Cisco 1811, multiple users ?

    We have a Cisco 1811 Wireless, working great.

    We have employee turnover and due to nature of our business we currently change the wireless password every-time somebody leaves.

    Is there any way to assign each person their own wifi key?

    If so, how?


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    Re: Have Cisco 1811, multiple users ?

    turn off the encryption key.
    Enable the authentication method that allows you to authenticate wireless users against an aD Database (I forget what it's called exactly)

    then, assuming your exit procedures are correct, all you need to do is disbale the user account on the day they leave.
    No more wireless access for that user, without affecting any other.
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      Re: Have Cisco 1811, multiple users ?

      Based on my understanding of your post, you have the 1811 wireless configured for WPA-PSK (pre-shared key) authentication.

      To meet your stated requirements, you could change the 1811 wireless authentication method to either 802.1x/EAP and WPA/EAP.

      The following link has some configuration examples that should help get you started in meeting your goal.