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Cisco port MAC binding to an IP address

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  • Cisco port MAC binding to an IP address

    I have Cisco 4506 switch, what i want is to assign the same IP address whenever i connect the system to that specific port of Cisco switch.

    How can i do that?

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    Re: Cisco port MAC binding to an IP address

    uhm.. you can create a DHCP reservation based on a MAC address.

    However, to do it for a specific port.. that's interesting. You might need to get a bit more involved:

    Put that port on a specific VLAN, use an IP Helper to forward to a specific DHCP Server, that has a reservation for that mac address only.

    If you plug into any other port, it will goto the normal DHCP server, where there is no reservation...

    what are you hoping to acheive ?
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