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VLAN - duplicate IP address

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  • VLAN - duplicate IP address

    I have 2 servers connected to the same switch.
    The servers Heart beat IP is the same eg.
    Therefore there is a duplicate IP address..
    If I create 2 VLANs and contain the 2 IPs.
    Can the IP contain within the same VLAN and stop broadcasting duplicate IP Address?

    Please advise.

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    Re: VLAN - duplicate IP address

    It sounds like you're using some kind of load balancing on these servers. Something isn't configured right. Load balancing shouldn't cause a duplicate ip address problem. What type of load balancing are you using and how do you have it configured?


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      Re: VLAN - duplicate IP address

      I think the answer to your question is, essentially, no.

      Even if you put configure separate vlans, it's still got to know how to route..

      and it'll just be confusing..
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