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    hi all
    thank you for all how guided me to design network topology as i m new in network field and have been given task to desig network topology to connect three location in three main cities using fiber optic as back bone and uplink will also be fiber optic. (topologies are attached)as we have to use pulic network (i mean we will obtain lease line or use fiber optic back bone link of telecommuncation network) and we have planed provide connectivity among the three main locations using VPN. I suggest to use routers for connectivity among the remote locations but few of my friends suggesting to use ASA instead of routers because ASA proviedes routering as well as firewall and vpn solution as well.I dont know main difference between the routers and ASA. as I know ASA is firewall
    I need kind help and guidance of esteemed network engineers for my network topology in following queries

    can i use ASA instead of router to connect different locations?

    we will use vpn among the locations as I have connected R2 and R4, ASA2 and ASA2 using SW5 for redundant link is that batter to do so, and can we achieve vpn connectivity using this method.

    in future we may obtain seperate E1 link among the R2 and R3 does ASA support E1 connectivity

    please also guide me and provid me your valueable suggestions to remove the drawbacks as to see in my network topology

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    Re: network design

    As you are new to networking and this is not a trivial task you have to do I would strongly advise you to find a local consultant to help.
    Gareth Howells

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