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Cisco console port problem - no input possible

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  • Cisco console port problem - no input possible

    Ive got a problem with my cisco switch 3550.(WS-C3550-24-SMI)
    I bought it from a friend, but he forgot the password.
    I saw how to reset the password and I would have done it yet, but I can't get any imputs to the switch.
    I connected the switch with the rollover cable to com1 an tried to get a connection. This was working.
    If I restart the switch - i see what it is doing.
    But no prompt is coming up. Possible the console has been locked?

    If I restart the switch and press the Mode button - I get a prompt. (switch
    I can enter the command - flash_init (local echo is activated) but nothing is happing then.
    I get crazy. I tried different terminals - hyperterm, teraterm and putty.
    Everywhere the same. Input will not be transmitted?!?!
    I checked the connection options. 9600 baud, databits 8, no parity, flow control xon/Xoff (I tried other, nothing worked)

    Have you got any ideas? What I'm making wrong?
    The switch itself is working, but I want to change the settings.
    Could it be, that the switch has got a defect?

    Please help me. Thanks.

    If you need additional infos tell me.

    (Sorry for my english - it's not my native language)

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    Re: Cisco console port problem - no input possible

    It is possible that the baud rate has been changed to a speed faster than 9600bps. Change your baud rate with your terminal emulator and attempt to connect via console using all the baud rates until you find one that works.

    Also make sure you check your flow control. Console ports do not support flow control on cisco routers and/or switches.


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      Re: Cisco console port problem - no input possible

      Thanks very much for your help.
      I found the reason why the switch was not responding.
      I got the wrong console cable. I made my own today and now everything ist working.