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Intervlan routing on Cisco router

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  • Intervlan routing on Cisco router


    I'm currently working from the 10.98/16 network, which is on vlan1. The router on the 10.98.x.x network is a Cisco 1811 has an interface connected to the new network ( on vlan254). From the Cisco, I can ping the interface of the new router (Fortinet) on the new network. From my PC, I cannot...

    I need to make this work...

    Cisco has an ip of, and an interface with the config below

    interface FastEthernet1
    ip address
    duplex auto
    speed auto
    vlan-id dot1q 254

    The fortinet has an interface with an IP of on vlan254.

    by adding routes (on the cisco) to other networks connected behing the fortinet, I can reach them via the Cisco...but I assume the cisco router pings with the interface on vlan254

    what needs to be done in order to make the reachable from devices under the network on the cisco router?

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    Re: Intervlan routing on Cisco router

    Based on my understanding of your post... it sounds like the Fortinet router does not know how to route back to the netblock (reply traffic).

    On the Fortinet, try adding a static route using whatever syntax is used on Fortinet. I'm showing cisco syntax below as an example.

    ip route