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Home made Bandwidth Monitor

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  • Home made Bandwidth Monitor

    10 years ago I found some code that you could use with apache web server to make a page that would show a graph of the bandwidth usage on all our cisco routers. It worked like a champ. I was hoping that someone might still have the info to set this up. I could really use it. The place where I used it went out of business years ago.


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    Re: Home made Bandwidth Monitor

    Hello Bolivar,

    Maybe this is what you are looking for?



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      Re: Home made Bandwidth Monitor

      HOLY COW YOU FOUND IT!!! MRTG is it!!! Thanks alot!

      I couldn't remember the name of it for the life of me. I even called my buddy that worked there with me as a programmer. He is in DC working for the department of defense and he couldn't remember what it was called either.

      Thanks again!

      btw I didn't say holy cow out loud when I read this, I just can't type what I actually said incase kids are reading this. It was the most clean way I could convey my excitment. LOL