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Subnetting issue with Rip V2

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  • Subnetting issue with Rip V2

    I am working on a lab and I am running into an issue when configuring my serial connections bewteen routers. I have 3 networks,, and Between the serial connections I am using and, and I am using Rip v2 as the routing protocol. I can get R1, R2 and the two networks at each end talking, however each time I add the third router R3 I lose communication between all the routers. Now it is my understanding that while the address and should be /8 addresses the advent of Cidr has changed that and I should be able to use the following addresses. I have issued the no auto-summary command while configuring Rip V2.

    Note: I am doing this on Packet Tracers all routers are 2600 series.

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    Re: Subnetting issue with Rip V2

    Well I dont know what i did wrong, but I rebuilt the lab and it is routing with out fail. I guess I resovled whatever my error was.