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Switch connection via fiber

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  • Switch connection via fiber

    I am trying to connect two switches via fiber and then change the signal to ethernet via a converter because the switch has gigbit ethernet input. The connection is going into the gigabit port on switch. The gigabit port lights up. So it appears the connection is working. However, I can t get a conenection. The HP on the other end is configured with vlans so I am manually inputting my ip address in the network connection. I am unable to ping anything. But the link light is green. What am I missing? Do I need to create a VLAN on this switch to in the same range as the IP address?

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    Re: Switch connection via fiber

    If traffic on one end is tagged with a vlan, the vlan also needs to exist on the other end. There is no need for the switchport to have a ip address. So sync your vlan tables on both swithes.

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