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best topology for connecting 3-4 racks

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  • best topology for connecting 3-4 racks

    I'm building a 3-4 racks DC on some remote collocation provider site.
    I'm trying to figure out the best topology - redundancy and manageability wise ,I'm a not a cisco professional so I might get some terminology wrong, bear with me.

    My current plan is to use 2 switches in each rack and stack them horizontally : lets say I mount them one below the other on the top of each rack - all the upper switches are stacked together and all the lower switches are also stacked together.

    In order to survive switch failure I need to connect each server to two switches one NIC to the upper and one NIC to lower switch(bonding/failover - no need for link aggregation ).the two stacked (logical)switches are connected to allow server actively connected to the upper switch access to server actively connected to the lower switch(in bonding the OS choose the active link).

    I also have IPMI interface in each server so I will probably need a third switch on each rack for an "out of band" network(so I'l have enough ports to fill a rack)

    Firewall and other network equipment like load balancers are also redundant and connected to the switches as the servers.

    Does anybody have any input on this ? can this be done ? should it be done ? is there a better way to provide redundant network between 3-4 racks without using a "core" switch ? maybe just connect 6 switches in a mesh(looks like a waste of ports).
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