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How get Port-Based IP-Address Allocation/reservation

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  • How get Port-Based IP-Address Allocation/reservation


    I have a network based on Cisco Catalyst 3750, 3550 and some old catalyst 3500XL. We use several vlans with a checkpoint firewall to route between the subnets/vlans. Version on the main switch (3750) Version 12.1(19)EA1d.

    We use Intermec barcode printers (PF4i) in our production. These printers use ethernet to communicate with the main server. The server use the IP-address to locate which printer it is and gives the right settings for that printer. It is important that the physical location always has the same ip-address.

    If a barcode printer has to be replaced I want to do that without configure the ip-address on the new printer. I know that this manual routine will cause ip conflicts. The person that replace the barcode printer is not IT person.

    My main goal is that the barcode printer always get the ip address based on their location (the network port on the cisco switch). If I replace the printer with a new printer, the new printer will get the same ip-address that the old printer had.

    Is it possible to do this with a Windows 2003 dhcp server? We use windows as our dhcp server for all vlans (we have configured dhcp-helper on vlans).

    I will be happy for any solution that can solve my problem. The solution does not have to use the Windows dhcp server if that complicates the solution.

    Sigmund Raen