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need to assign extra bandwidh to the managers

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  • need to assign extra bandwidh to the managers

    Hi all,

    I have a client using 45 Mb of VSNL and 100 Mb from other ISP.
    They have some 800 users in their network sharing the same bandwidth.
    Out of 800 users they have some 30 Managers of various departments.
    These departments are separated by vlans.
    My client wants me to provide some special previleges with respect to bandwith to these managers.
    This cliet has one 3925 cisco router and one cisco 4510R switch in core.
    They have CE500 swithes on edge.
    Can I achive this by Qos?
    If so how?
    Any help is greatly admired.
    Thanks in advance.
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