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VPN traffic being blocked between sites

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  • VPN traffic being blocked between sites

    Have a 2007 exchange server at one location, and an icewarp server at another location neither side can telnet on port 25 of the other, but both can ping each other. from outside the network you can telnet on 25 to both servers just fine and both servers telnet to themselves fine. the 2007 exchange server can actually send mail fine to users on the icewarp server but not viceversa, they are on 2 different subnet segmented by 2 cisco routers and p2p fiber connection. I've checked all the connectors and authentication on the exchange side and nothing stands out. Any help here would be great. Also can't access port 80 or 443. can't get to webmail from the icewarp side to the exchange side basically it breaks down like this


    I am attaching configs, maybe someone will see something in an acl that i'm missing thats not allowing the 2 sides to pass traffic on those i said they can ping by ip and dns to each other just fine

    Thanks in advance
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