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cisco 2960 catalyst switch and Juniper SSG 5

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  • cisco 2960 catalyst switch and Juniper SSG 5

    Hi all,

    My network has one Juniper SSG 5 firewall router and Cisco catalyst 2960 G switch.

    I need to configure VLANs in cisco switch. But I don't know how can it be done wtih juniper.
    Lets say:
    I created 3 vlans in cisco switch.

    What I need to do in cisco switch and Juniper?

    Really appreciate your help.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Thu Ya

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    Re: cisco 2960 catalyst switch and Juniper SSG 5

    The rule of thumb is: a VLAN = a subnet = a broadcast domain. And to go from one subnet or vlan to another, you have to cross the boundary as defined by the subnet mask with each vlan. And to do that, you route.

    Your Juniper router has to be configured as the default gateway for each of the 3 vlans (i.e.,, so that it routes traffic between the vlans.

    Also, the appropriate default gateway address has to be entered on each client of each vlan. Assuming you use DHCP, set the appropriate default gateway option on each scope and reboot your clients.
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