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Internet connection from fiber link to my network fail

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  • Internet connection from fiber link to my network fail

    My ISP bring internet connection on fiber link , it is tested when i plug the link to my laptop with all the IP address but if i connect to my ASA firewall 5510 which is 10/100 it will fail. they are suggesting that the fiber link only support on a GIgabit port. I cannot understand that if it works on a laptop LAN on 10/100.

    Techs ! could you please help me.

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    Are you absolutely certain the laptop connection is working at 10/100?? Most laptops for some years have had 10/100/1000 Lan ports as standard. Since the ISP signal is coming in on fiber, how do you get a copper network cable connection to plug into the laptop? What kind of media conversion are you using?
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      the fiber link was terminated in the fiber modem and a link then came to our cisco router. This link is now working as we have upgraded our router as per their recommendation