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replace DSL with T1 to multiple cisco routers

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  • replace DSL with T1 to multiple cisco routers


    My current setup is with a DSL connection. The DSL modem has 4 ethernet jacks and a /29 static IP address assinged from FairPoint (5 usable).

    I have 3 routers, an 871, 1841, 2811. Currently it is quite simple each router plugs in to 1 port on the dsl modem and I assign on of the usable static IP addresses.

    FairPoint delivered the new T1 service and refuses to provide a CSU/DSU or IAD so that I can have an ethernet handoff to my routers.

    I do not want to purchase a T1 HWIC card because then the T1 would only go to that router (either the 1841 or 2811). I am looking for a hardware recommedations that would be T1 input and ethernet output that would allow me to divide up my static IP's to the 3 different routers which are ethernet to ethernet routers.


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    Re: replace DSL with T1 to multiple cisco routers

    If the service provider 'refuses' to give you the circuit presented as you wish (ethernet cabling vs. serial, for example), and you can't/won't change service providers, then it doesn't look like there's any way around buying the WIC and cable you need to get your feed hooked up. What you're facing is converting from one type of media to another. After the conversion, you can route or switch signals as needed for your internal environment.

    The 2811 router is a fairly powerful and expandable piece of kit. It can be expanded with WICs and a 16-port fast-ethernet (100Mbps) switch module at the same time, so connecting that router to the circuit and then using the switch module ports to connect other devices shouldn't pose a problem. Granted, it's expensive as simply a media converter, but it works great doing it.

    Without knowing more about your internal setup and the method that the ISP intends to present for you to connect to (x.35, RS232, fiber, etc.), I can't begin to try & suggest alternate hardware or config changes that won't break the bank.
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      Re: replace DSL with T1 to multiple cisco routers

      I purchased an Adtran 3205 router that had the T1 wan interface and ethernet and used it as a "media converter". The hand off is an RJ48 jack.

      Never used Adtran before, the cli is pretty much same as cisco ios. I did have to call tech support to get it figured out. Tech support was very good and fast getting me straightened out.

      I had 5 useable IP's now I am down to 4 which is sufficient for now. The bigger complaint would be now I have 2 additional peices of hardware that would be a single point of failure with the internet connection. The Adtran router and a small 5 port ethernet switch.

      Does anybody know where I can purchase an "I love FairPoint" tee shirt?