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Cisco ACE 4710 Query

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  • Cisco ACE 4710 Query

    Hi all,

    am hoping someone might be able to point me in the right direction on this one.

    We have a Cisco ACE 4710 Load Balancer which provides load balancing functionality for a number of a web sites.

    I have been asked to add a new entry on the ACE for a website and have configured the majority of the settings, but under the Server Farms section, I get "ProbeFailed" for both of the Real Servers which are listed.

    I have removed all the settings for this particular setup and re-added them again, using the configuration settings from an existing entry, but still I am getting the "ProbeFailed".

    Have searched in google to see if there are any examples that might be able to help me, but no such luck.

    Any guidance would be appreciated.