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Information that are stored non-persistently by cisco IOS.

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  • Information that are stored non-persistently by cisco IOS.

    For example, a port error-disabled state is lost when a switch is rebooted. The information is non-persistent. Is there any article or resource that states which information are stored non-persistently ?


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    The caching of logs was not designed to be permanent in switches and routers. For that, you need to configure a syslog server function on your system and set the networking devices to write to that syslog. There are free syslog daemon programs out there if you want to experiment, and commercially available tools with fairly robust reporting/notification functions, as well. While my customer uses a paid-for tool as part of a larger logging solution, you might have a look at some of the options available at the links from this search page: ''. See what you think. One of them points to Solarwinds which
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