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3750 switch connected to 3945 router

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  • 3750 switch connected to 3945 router

    Hi Guys, Please be patient im very new to networking in general.
    Have a 3945 router sitting at client site with 10mb connection to datacenter.

    Ge0/0 pointing inside to client network. RIP routes distributing fine.
    (show ip route output is good)

    Ge0/1 ip: connected to datacenter Ge1/0/6 on 3750. VLAN 70 (IP:

    Switch IP is VLAN 1 (default) IP:

    They can connect to each other and things are working as they should be.

    I am not able to connect to the router. I connecting over a VPN to the DC and can ping my switch but not the client router.
    my ip:

    What do I need to do in order to be able to telnet the router?
    I know its something simple but not sure...

    add a static route?
    use vlan tagging and create a trunk port?

    Please help im stuck!
    Thanks in advance....