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EtherChannel in Silent mode

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  • EtherChannel in Silent mode


    According to the Cisco Book:

    By default, PAgP operates in silent submode with the desirable and auto modes, and allows ports to be added to an EtherChannel even if the other end of the link is silent and never transmits PAgP packets. This allows a switch to form an EtherChannel with a device such as a file server or a network analyzer that doesn’t participate in PAgP
    Are the following tips really correct?
    Shouldn't we add: "Except if the channel is in PAgP/silent mode"?

    ■ EtherChannel on mode does not send or receive PAgP or LACP packets. Therefore, both ends should be set to on mode before the channel can form except....

    EtherChannel desirable (PAgP) or active (LACP) mode attempts to ask the far end to bring up a channel. Therefore, the other end must be set to either desirable or auto mode except....

    EtherChannel auto (PAgP) or passive (LACP) mode participates in the channel protocol, but only if the far end asks for participation. Therefore, two switches in the auto or passive mode will not form an EtherChannel except....

    What do you think?
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    Re: EtherChannel in Silent mode

    No answer?

    To complete my previous post:

    By default and according to the "defaut/silent mode", the following combinations could works?

    PAgP/ON <==> PAgP/desirable: OK (it work because "desirable" or "auto" mode don't expect PAgP negociation packet in silent mode)
    PAgP/ON <==> PAgP/auto: OK (same..)
    PAgP/desirable <==> PAgP/auto: OK
    PAgP/auto <==> PAgP/auto: OK

    If it's true, this is in conflict with the Cisco rule wich saying:
    <LI style="COLOR: #000000">Only the combination auto-desirable, desirable-desirable and on-on will allow a channe l to be formed.