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Cisco 857 internet connection dropping

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  • Cisco 857 internet connection dropping

    Hi everyone,

    I'm having a problem with a customer's internet connection frequently dropping.

    I've run a show dsl int atm0 which I have shown below.

    Capacity is at 100%- I've read somewhere that that's the occupancy on the line of your router, and it should be much lower.

    I've upgraded the firmware from 3 (something) to 4.0.18 which has stabilised it a bit, but its still dropping out, just not as often. Could someone perhaps help me understand what the various stats below mean, and whether anything else looks 'odd'? Also what would you generally recommend to help with the capacity?

    I've seen that some people have spoken to their ISPs but they are talking about changing ADSL profiles which I'm not too sure about.

    Thanks in advance

    Alcatel 20190 chipset information
    ATU-R (DS) ATU-C (US)
    Modem Status: Showtime (DMTDSL_SHOWTIME)
    DSL Mode: ITU G.992.1 (G.DMT) Annex A
    ITU STD NUM: 0x03 0x3
    Vendor ID: 'STMI' 'TSTC'
    Vendor Specific: 0x0000 0x0400
    Vendor Country: 0x0F 0xB5
    Chip ID: C196 (0)
    DFE BOM: DFE3.0 Annex A (1)
    Capacity Used: 100% 53%
    Noise Margin: 12.5 dB 22.0 dB
    Output Power: 20.0 dBm 12.5 dBm
    Attenuation: 46.5 dB 26.5 dB
    Defect Status: None None
    Last Fail Code: None
    Watchdog Counter: 0xD9
    Watchdog Resets: 0
    Selftest Result: 0x00
    Subfunction: 0x00
    Interrupts: 8289 (0 spurious)
    PHY Access Err: 0
    Activations: 2
    LED Status: ON
    LED On Time: 100
    LED Off Time: 100
    Init FW: init_AMR_4.0.018.bin
    Operation FW: AMR-E-4.0.018.bin
    FW Source: external
    FW Version: 4.0.18

    Interleave Fast Interleave Fast
    Speed (kbps): 5088 0 448 0
    Cells: 3586 0 123484 0
    Reed-Solomon EC: 0 0 0 0
    CRC Errors: 0 0 0 0
    Header Errors: 0 0 0 0
    Total BER: 0E-0 0E-0
    Leakage Average BER: 0E-0 0E-0
    ATU-R (DS) ATU-C (US)
    Bitswap: enabled enabled
    Bitswap success: 0 0
    Bitswap failure: 0 0

    LOM Monitoring : Disabled