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which router do we want?

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  • which router do we want?

    Trying to decide on a new router for the office. We are a small business with 30-50 users and 4 vpns. We currently employ a CISCO RV220W at all of our locations, but I've grown tired in dealing with this unreliable device. (maybe it's my fault; am I over loading it???) I went to login into this device today, and the router crashed after entering my password at the login screen (that's a new one to add to my frustrations with this router). I want something a lot more robust, with no subscriptions. Any idea's what I should be looking at as a replacement?

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    I am partial to Watchguard. Not cheap.

    There are services that require a subscription (like AV, IPS, Spam filter, etc) and there's warranty and support that's a yearly fee (need this for updates). But the device will still work without those items.

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