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need help translating HP Procurve configs to cisco configs

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  • need help translating HP Procurve configs to cisco configs

    Trying to migrate equipment off of HP procurve switches to WS-C2960S-24PS-L. Can I get some assistance please
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    Assistance with what?

    If your asking us to create your config file for your Cisco then I very much doubt anyone will do that, and I would strongly suggest people don't due to issues that may arise from an incorrect configuration.


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      This may be worth a look.

      Some other site suggest having a look at . I had a quick look but didn't find anything specific but a more detailed search may have something that may help.

      HP Networking and Cisco CLI Reference Guide

      Converting your Cisco or HP Networking knowledge from one to the other

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        I'm not going to do it for you, but it looks fairly simple. Here's some hints on what you need:
        The ports as basically standard configuration. Nothing specific to change.
        You need to look up how to build a vlan on a C2960 -->
        That should help you figure out how to create the vlans, then you should be able to work out from there, how to tag or untag each port and what the native is etc.

        The spanning tree, yea I'd struggle with that to be honest.

        If you'd like to ask some specific questions, once you've gone over the guide above (and most of us will probably know based on what/how you ask) then I'm sure some more assistance would be forth coming.

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