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Connecting 2 VLAN over 1 Fibre

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  • Connecting 2 VLAN over 1 Fibre


    I have a Cisco 3750 and a Cisco 2960 switch. Both switches have one VLAN and both switches are connected with one fibre (1 for TX and 1 for RX). Everything works fine. Now I need to configure a second VLAN on each switch. So far so good. But the both new VLANs must connect over the fibre too, how can I do this? I am new to Cisco and I really don't know how to connect two VLANs over one fibre. Some hints/links would be fine.


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    Re: Connecting 2 VLAN over 1 Fibre

    If your 3750 is the vtp server just add the vlan and it will propagate to the other switch. Then you need to create your SVI for the new vlan on the 3750 if you want to route between vlans. If your running in transparent mode you will have to create the vlan on both switches:

    config t
    vlan 20

    int vlan 20
    ip address x.x.x.x x.x.x.x
    ip helper-address x.x.x.x - for dhcp

    You dont need another trunk link for adding a vlan. It will use the existing trunk as long as that vlan is allowed across the trunk. By default all vlans can cross the trunk
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      Re: Connecting 2 VLAN over 1 Fibre

      Yes, thanks a lot. I didn't knew that all VLANs can use one trunk. I have tested it now and everything works fine.

      Thanks again!