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CISCO 1800 series - Restore Config

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  • CISCO 1800 series - Restore Config

    Hello all,
    I have been asked to restore a CISCO router with a previous running config. I have looked on the cisco site and found some quite blurry documentation and wondered if someone could give me a push in the right direction.

    Basically i have a SDMConfig.txt file that i need to restore (as it has a VPN site-to-site which was removed and other settings)

    I appreciate any help.

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    Re: CISCO 1800 series - Restore Config

    with a previous "running" config ?
    cisco gear has two sorts of config, "startup" and "running"

    The startup configuration is saved to the flash memory, and when the router starts up, it loads, initialises all the security, consoles, interfaces, routing, firewalls, etc. All the stuff the router does.

    Once the boot is complete, and the router is operational, this startup configuration then becomes the "running" configuration.

    You can change the running configuration on the fly, by entering configuration mode (conf t for example) and adjusting the parameters according. (ie:
    conf t
    int fa0
    (This example would shut down the interface FastEthernet0)

    This is still a 'running' configuration, and next time you reboot the router, it will reload the 'startup' configuration, but FastEthernet0 will not be shutdown.

    To permanently save a change from a running configuration to a startup configuration, you need to use the command copy startup-config running-config
    (I suspect you could do the reverse as well)

    This is why I'm a bit unclear as to how you could load an earlier "running" configuration.

    The other thing you can do with a running config (or a startup config) is copy it off to TFTP, using copy run tftp

    You can equally copy a TFTP configuration back onto the router.

    with your SDMConfig.txt file, you would need to put it onto a TFTP Server inside your network, and then something like the following:
    Originally posted by my link below
    Router#copy tftp: running-config
    Address or name of remote host []?
    Source filename []? backup_cfg_for_my_router
    Destination filename [running-config]?
    Accessing tftp://
    Loading backup_cfg_for_router from (via FastEthernet0/0): !
    [OK - 1030 bytes]

    1030 bytes copied in 9.612 secs (107 bytes/sec)

    What you would ALSO need to do after this, if you needed the updated configuration permanently, would be copy it to the Startup configuration as I mentioned above...

    Cisco documentation isn't usually blurry.. it's just a bit of a different world, and takes some time to make sense, at least it does to me.
    This document might help you out a little

    Have I helped at all ?
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