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Vsat and MPLS

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  • Vsat and MPLS

    Hello , i have a problem to to configure Mpls and VSat in one router 2811
    and Mpls must be as first conecctivity and vsat should go to backup , any body know how to configure the router for solve this problem

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    Re: Vsat and MPLS

    What exactly is the problem you're having?
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      Re: Vsat and MPLS

      So you want the mpls to be the primary and the sat to be the backup link? You could a couple of things. You could use floating static routes and enchanced object tracking:

      ip route x.x.x.x track 1 (mpls default)

      ip route x.x.x.x 10 (sat default)

      ip sla monitor 1
      type echo protocol IcmpEcho x.x.x.x (next hop on mpls) source interface "source"
      timeout 50
      frequency 1

      ip sla monitor schedule 1 lifetime forever start-time now

      rtr 1 track 1

      So this says if the next hop on the mpls is unreachable it will withdraw the mpls static route and the floating static to the sat link will come in the RIB.

      or you can track the directly connected route to the mpls next hop

      ip route x.x.x.x track 1 (mpls static)
      ip route x.x.x.x 10 (sat static)

      track 1 ip route "connected subnet to mpls router" reachabilty

      This says if the line protcol on the directy connected interface to the mpls goes down withdraw the static route.

      The issue with this is that the "line protocol" must go down and the first way we just need to loose ip reachability to the next hop via pings. If you are connected to your mpls provider and there is a switch between you and the mpls router, then even if mpls goes down your line protcol will still be up and the failover will never happen. So just be aware that the second option depends on the line protocol going down in order for failover to occur.
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