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  • HSRP and Routing

    Can anybody help me this case?

    I configured already HSRP on 2 these Distribution sw dis_1 (gi0/2 - - state: Active) and dis_2 (gi0/2 - - state: Standby) with Virtual IP: and EIGRP to route network between Core and Access.

    At Access sw. I configured "static route": ip route is Virtual IP.

    At Core sw, what routing protocol should I use? EIGRP or static route. If I use "static route" with ip route (HSRP Virtual IP) and default gateway is, it it correct? or and Default gateway is
    With EIGRP, that's no problem.
    Thank for your help.

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    Re: HSRP and Routing.

    Since you are already running EIGRP might as well run it on all capable devices. You can always passive any adjacencies you dont want. Also remember if your advertising networks into eigrp, you cant use the hsrp standby ip as that IP is not assigned to any interface and eigrp wont form adjacency's and therefore no routes will be exchanged. Really in this case if your running EIGRP with the core you can scrub HSRP all together and manipulate paths with the IGP metrics. EIGRP only will form adjacencies using teh primary ip address on the physical interface itself. The standby ip is a virtual ip. If you have multiple routes to the core eigrp will detect a failed route and switch over to the other route, or if both have equal cost it will load balance between the two. You can manipulate that behavior with metric, or use policy routing to control the paths. You can use the hsrp standby ip on your static route to get to the distribution switches.
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