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Same Network Range @ Two Sites

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  • Same Network Range @ Two Sites

    Hey All,

    Bare with me as I am by no means a Cisco networking person and any help offered is greatly appreciated.

    What we would like/attempt to do is provide our core server VLAN across two sites, or production site and are DR site. This would prevent us from having to re-ip servers/virtual machines in case of a recovery. Currently connecting the two sites are a pair of ASA5510's with a 3750 plugged into them. Is this something that is possible to do?

    Thanks in advance,


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    Re: Same Network Range @ Two Sites

    The 3750's dont support NAT so that option is out. You may be able to bridge the sites together, pretty much having the firewall in transparent mode. The issue with bridgeing is that you will have all kinds of broadcast going across your wan. Not really the best solution. The best solution would be to re ip one side.. If you put a router between the switch and ASA on each side you could do the nat option. I think the 3750 will support GRE tunnels with the advipservices image, so that may be another option to tunnel the traffc over the wan.
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      Re: Same Network Range @ Two Sites

      Are the 2 sites connected by the means of a VPN?

      If so, you should be able to NAT traffic across that VPN using the ASA.

      Basically, you will tell one the duplicate IP range that when they communicate over the VPN that they will need to NAT to a IP address in a completely different range.
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