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Cisco + Mitel + telematrix mixed into one bowl..converged network...pls HELP.

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  • Cisco + Mitel + telematrix mixed into one bowl..converged network...pls HELP.

    Hello people,

    I know this can look a little intimidating, but itís not as bad as you think. I am going to show you the VLAN layout of how I need it and then this will make a little more sense.
    I have attached a few more details to help get started on the Cisco 6509 config. I also have attached a diagram of the 6509 and how I would like the VLANís to be setup, but please add your
    Expertise on this as I have little exposure to Cisco. I am also wondering if I will need to setup anything related to the VLANís within the Main Router for this site. Or if any QoS needs to be in place.
    I can research this a bit more myself though. This isnít the exact 6509 it is just a picture and then I added more pictures of the Card layout to give you a better idea. Sorry for the Rough diagram.

    Here is breakdown of all the VLANís once again, I know my first network layout diagram shows it, but I will write down what needs to be included in each VLAN.

    VLAN 1
    This VLAN will be 4 ports and is only in place to act as a 4 port switch for the Cable Modem connection(10mb)
    It will need to function to divide the Static IP to go to the Routers(2 static IPs)

    VLAN 2
    Another 4 port switch going to be used to divide up the DSL modem connection(10mb) and separate the 2 static
    IPís to the Routers for fail over purposes.

    VLAN 3
    Yet another 4 port switch for dividing another DSL modem connection(1.5mb) that will be used for the Property Management Server.
    2 Static IPs on that modem too.

    VLAN 10
    24 ports needed for the Front offices and Administration Network, this will be a computer network only, no VoIP on this VLAN.
    Gateway(router)IP for this VLAN will be

    VLAN 20
    This is the Guest Data VLAN that will be going out to every Guest room. The IP phones will leave the Data port of the back
    Of the Guest phones for this VLAN and will allow High Speed Internet Access for all Guests. *Data Only*
    The Gateway IP for this VLAN will be

    VLAN 30
    This is the VoIP network that will enable all IP Phones at the Hotel to communicate with the IP-PBX, it will be used for Guests
    And Admin IP Phones. Meaning that the Admin and Guest VoIP will be on the same VLAN.
    The gateway IP for this VLAN will be


    These VLANs have been created now, after reading a lot of cisco documentation and trials, but at least I learnt a thing or two along the way.

    The problem now is that the guest ip phones are not able to get the DHCP options from the DHCP server on the data network, the Mitel phones are able to boot up properly now but I assume this is due to the PBXbeing a Mitel as well. They talk nice with each other. The guest room phones on the other hand need some encouragement. I have been told the way for this to happen to by setting up DHCP option for the DHCP server on the data network(192.168.42.x) I have entered options 43 and 125 from documentation from telematrix, they have 2 strings that point to the proper VLAN and another string that points to the TFTP server...etc.

    I also need to get the data port on the ip phones active for VLAN 20, this will be only for the telematrix ip phones. The Mitel phones need to pass along VLAN 10 for the office employees, this meaning that each port on the switch will need to have 2 VLAN's on each port.

    This is all I can think of right now. But please just ask and I will answer any questions to the best I can.

    Sorry for the novel, just wanted to provide as much info as I could to help understand.

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