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CME-basic.tar [ Invalid checksum ]

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  • CME-basic.tar [ Invalid checksum ]


    I am using a Cisco 2811 router for a home lab, 64mb compact flash, i erased the flash and installed ios c2800nm-ipbasek9-mz.124-15.T5.bin [LINK REMOVED BY MOD]. I download a CME-basic.tar but when i try to archive this folder to flash all appears ok but the Phones are not showing up when i do a dir flash:, if i do a sh flash: i get to see the phones but beside them it says [ invalid Checksum ] , i have tried numerous .tar folders but each time the DEsktop,GUI, babcpromts install correctly but and phone template i try to copy onto flash give me this [invalid checksum] error. all the .tar folders + the ios i have tried are less than 64mb. All help appreciated
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