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Does ISP do similar rules as we use in LAN

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  • Does ISP do similar rules as we use in LAN

    Can anyone confirm, Do ISP use routing protocols for connecting different POP or its using BGP connection for POP to POP connection.

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    Re: Does ISP do similar rules as we use in LAN

    Not sure what you mean in regards to POP to POP connections. If you asking if some ISP's run BGP with their customers then yes depending on the situation. Most of the time this would be done if the customer has 2 internet connectons via the same ISP. BGP is very robust when it comes to path selection. Also some ISP's require the customer to run BGP over MPLS VPN circuits. Technically BGP isnt a routing protcol when compared to other IGP behavior. All BGP does is advertise prefixes and next hops unlike EIGRP or OSPF that advertise routes. Also BGP doesnt have it own transport protocol so it relies on the underlying IGP to get to those next hops. (Unless in a full mesh where everyone is running BGP)
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