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Bandwidth policy on cisco L3 Switch

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  • Bandwidth policy on cisco L3 Switch

    i have a cisco L3 3560. i take a 10 Mb internet link from ISP on port f0/1 , now i want to provide a 4Mb BW to my end user from port f0/2. please give me command to put on f0/2 to get only 4 mb link .

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    Re: Bandwidth policy on cisco L3 Switch

    The 3560 doesnt support applying service policy's on the egress side of the interface. Shaping should work though:

    mls qos
    policy-map Police-3M
    class class-default
    police 4000000 512000 exceed-action drop
    interface FastEthernet1/0/1
    description Police to 4 Mbps
    speed 10
    duplex full

    service-policy input Police-4M
    srr-queue bandwidth limit 40

    The reason why we have to change the speed on the interface is because the
    srr-queue bandwidth limit command only supports a range from 10-90 percent. If we kept the
    default 100m on the interface the lowest we could police it down would be to 10m . Since we hard coded the speed on the interface you have to hardcode the speed/duplex on the endstation.
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