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  • Help me on PBR issue

    Hi Everyone,
    I am having that kind of PBR issue in client side. Actually they want to do Policy Based Routing through their main office to branch. I change the ip address because of privacy policy.

    This is the main office subnet scope. Their special subnet is 203.72.87.xx/25 /24

    Main office have cisco 4507 switch connected to layer 3 ospf link with 2 juniper edge device.

    The task is to trasfer packet from following address through juniper edge device1 to
    To trasfer packet from following address through juniper edge device 2 to

    If PBR is not enable by default , it is go through link2 (juniper device 2).

    When i do show run, the address ,, are already in the permit access list. That mean i don't need to put it on access list again. But is in the ip helper list. But there is no vlan ip for, , , ,, . When i do ip route command , the traffic are not involved either.

    Eigrp is running on the list and it is /16 network.from what i know is doing acl 1st, and then routemap and redistribute . In my case, i think i should use ospf to redistribute.And the last thing is apply routemap to interface.But now I am very confuse that do i need to add this ip address to vlan 1st and doing this or I have no idea how to configure this switch to do policy based routing. Anyone please enlighten me.

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    Re: Help me on PBR issue

    If you want to policy route:

    Identify the traffic for the route-map


    ip prefix-list PBR permit or

    access-list 5 permit

    or you can also match an an extended acl matching on souce/destination pairs.

    Create route-map

    route-map PBR permit 10
    match ip address prefix-list PBR
    set ip next-hop "next hop address"

    Apply route-map to interface:

    int vlan 1
    ip policy route-map PBR

    Keep in mind you will need reachablity to that next hop address for policy routing to work.

    I dont understand the question regarding the routing, please be more specific.
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