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about switch and router

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  • about switch and router

    hi friends i am new in Cisco word i have learned all CCNA concept now i want to know documentation of routers and switches means suppose i have work on 2600 series and 3700 series router and switches on GNS3 but in real word i didn't see so what person ask about router and switches apart from CCNA routing and switching concept so pls tell me the all question and answer so i answered the question if any one ask for router and switch.pls don't say to use google i want some real knowledge.also provide some useful links for router and switches documentation and description.i hope people help me to get knowledge

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    Re: about switch and router

    The answer is 42

    If that is not sufficient, can I recommend the manufacturers web site -- most documentation will be somewhere there.
    You don't want to use so maybe Bing or another search engine will be more to your taste? Without specific questions it is not possible to give you "real knowledge" in any other way

    But can I get this straight -- you have a CCNA but you dont have any practical experience of the actual equipment you will be using?

    Reviewing all your posts to date this appears to be a common theme -- I strongly recommend you start at a fairly low level and get some practical experience then work up slowly
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      Re: about switch and router

      Use the Doc Cd on Ton of information there. Whats wrong with googling? Being a good engineer is knowing where to look for the information. Thats why we have search engines. If your attitude is to let others do the research for you then you might as well quite right now. Sorry to be harsh but its the truth.
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