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Issues with the Fiber cable or connector (WAS: Strange Problem)

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  • Issues with the Fiber cable or connector (WAS: Strange Problem)

    I have this situation .

    I found that one gigabit optic cable is not working on Cisco 2950 .

    I wonted to know what is the problem the optical cable or connector for the optical cable .

    So i take another working connector from another switch and i test the moment on the core switch Cisco 6500 i connect the non working optic to the new connector
    and the light on the switch wake up , so the situation was clear the connector is not working , so i return back the working connector which i used for testing to the optic cables that was working i connect in the core switch and now the port don't wake up
    the light for signalization is off . I try shut , no shut but the situation is the same so now i lose another link , can some one tell me where i am making mistake .

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    Re: Strange Problem

    do you have the RX/TX links messed up somehow? I know a fibre cable should have both...

    Grab a small hand held mirror, connect one end to the switch, and then at the other end, use the hand held mirror to see if there is any light. Do NOT look directly at the connectors.

    It's possible the faulty switch managed to fry the other cable as well...
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