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Cisco Packet Tracer Routing Problem.

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  • Cisco Packet Tracer Routing Problem.


    Im pretty new to netowrking and I am currently studyign the first part of ccna, I have been trying to setup a network within Packet Tracer and I am running into the same problem each time I try!

    Here it goes hopefully somebody can help me.


    Three networks
    Network 1: two pc's, 10.60 connected to a switch which is connected into router 1. Router 1 has two interfaces: fa0/0, fa0/1

    Network 2: two pc's, 10.20 connected to a switch which again is connected to router 2. Router 2 has three interfaces, fa0/0 fa0/1 eth/0/1/0

    Network 3: two pc's, 10.20 connected into a switch which is connected to router 3 which has two interfaces: fa0/0, fao/1

    Ok, from network two i can ping/connect to all devices on both sides of me i.e all hosts on 192.168.10 and 10.10.10 which is fine, however I cannot connect 192.168.10 to, when pinging across the packet stops at the first router so im not sure if i need extra routes and what they would be.

    Apologies if this seems confusing, im fairly new to this and the wording makes sense in my head!!

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    Re: Cisco Packet Tracer Routing Problem.

    depends on what your current routing config is - could you provide the relevant sections ? (router rip network for instance)

    also - you say you cannot ping from to - can you ping that in reverse ?

    what happens if you logon to th erouter console on router1, and try and ping router2 and router3 ?
    also, maybe a traceroute from router1 ?

    do you have any kind of acls on any devices ?
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      Re: Cisco Packet Tracer Routing Problem.

      Run a sh ip route command on all the 3 devices.
      I think you are missing some routes...
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